About Us

PT. Sinar Mitra Cendekia, is aiming to be ‘A world-class leading company in inkjet applications and printed electronics based on core technology, our business is expanding into IT industries with this expertise; therefore, we are operating 3 business units as of now. Out traditional business unit is world-widely called imaging printing of which product is mostly ink for small desktop printer and large format printer printing out text and high-quality image based on nano-technology of realizing and expressing color gamut of ink which has been accumulating from the past 20 years; furthermore, we are expanding into printing hardware in order to have synergy effect between material (ink) and printing hardware. The zeitgeist of most industry in these days is ‘Digitalization’; therefore, many industrial field as a textile industries, IT industries, steel & construction industries will have replacement demand from analogue type. As a proactive preparation for future, we are manufacturing printing system started from UV-curable printer in the Printing System unit but this is our first step for the future. The last business unit is Printed Electronics based on transparent electronic ink with conductivity. This term, printed electronics, is somewhat unfamiliar to the public but this new type of fabrication method is directly related with environment-friendly mass production and lots of cost savings especially required in the IT industries. From the explanation of our business unit, we pursue future-oriented value and promise InkTec will be global leading company in the material and application with competitiveness and unbeatable value based on above vision.